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European Travel Insurance

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European Travel Insurance

We’re so lucky to have Europe and it’s wealth of culture, coastline and cuisine on our doorstep. Travelling to Europe is easier and quicker than ever and with our comprehensive range of European travel insurance policies, you can rest assured that you’re in safe hands.

Our European policies cover all of mainland Europe and the UK – but also include Tunisia, Egypt, Morocco and Israel.

We have four levels of product to choose from to suit your wallet and the frequency or length of trip.

In addition, all of our policies cover you when travelling in the UK – provided that you have pre-booked at least one night’s accommodation or an internal flight.

European Travel Insurance: The following countries are included within the definition of Europe for American Express Travel insurance:

Albania;  Andorra;  Austria;  Azores;  Balearics;  Belarus;  Belgium;  Bulgaria;  Canary Islands;  Channel Islands (Bailiwicks of Guernsey and Jersey); Corsica;  Croatia;  Cyprus;  Czech Republic;  Denmark;  Egypt;  Estonia;  Finland;  France;  Germany;  Gibraltar;  Greece;  Hungary;  Iceland;  Isle of Man;  Israel;  Italy;  Latvia; Liechtenstein;  Lithuania;  Luxembourg;  Madeira;  Malta;  Moldova;  Monaco;  Morocco;  Netherlands;  Norway;  Poland;  Portugal;  Republic of Ireland;  Romania;  Russia west of the Ural Mountains;  San Marino;  Sardinia;  Serbia;  Sicily;  Slovak Republic;  Slovenia;  Spain;  Sweden;  Switzerland;  Tunisia;  Turkey;  Ukraine;  United Kingdom.

If you are travelling to one of these countries you are covered under our European policies.

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