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Planning my trip

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Planning your trip

Travel is one of life’s great pleasures.

Somewhat less pleasurable are the misplaced passports, forgotten prescriptions, and all the little things you meant to do before your trip, but never quite got around to.

To make sure globetrotting is always a walk in the park, we’ve put together a simple, comprehensive guide to travel preparation. From applying for the right visa, to tips on how to blend in with the locals, we’ve thought of everything.

So whether you’re a regular jet-setter, or planning some well-deserved time off, follow our guide and it should all go swimmingly.

Preparing for travel

All the guidance and checklists you need to prepare yourself, your home and your belongings for travel. So you can leave your worries behind and enjoy your trip abroad.

Health and travel

From what to pack in a first-aid kit to what to do if you fall ill abroad, our advice will help you prepare for and deal with any health problems while travelling.

Safety and travel

Want to know how to avoid pickpockets - or even dangerous local animals? Unsure what you'd do if arrested abroad? Our guidance will help keep you safe on your travels.

Cultural tips

Learn how to bridge the language gap, negotiate the cultural divide, avoid social slip-ups – and maybe make new friends – with our tips on customs and practices abroad.