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Health and Travel


Travelling can be taxing at the best of times, but unfortunately injuries and illnesses are the number one contributing factors to cancelled trips and holidays. We’ve put together this guide to help you keep healthy on your travels and be prepared, should the worst occur.

Before you go

To ensure you’re fit and ready for travel, visit your GP or a travel health clinic at least six weeks before you go – although late is always better than never. If you are travelling with a medical condition or disability, most travel companies recommend that you discuss the suitability of the trip before you book. For more information, see our guide to travelling with a disability.

Every destination carries different health risks, and so before you book your trip, be sure to check the region you are planning to visit on the foreign office website.

Drinking water

When you’re on your travels, it’s important to make sure the water you put in your body is safe. Even water that looks fine may contain contaminants that can make you ill. If you suspect you may be feeling the effects of contaminated water, it is always best to seek medical advice. Find out more

First aid kits

The first aid kit is an incredibly useful asset whilst travelling, but one which you hope never to actually to use. As the first port of call for minor injuries, first aid kits should be at the top of your packing list, particularly if you’re planning to travel off the beaten track. Find out more

Guidance if travelling with a disability

If you are travelling with a disability, you may need to do some extra planning to make sure your trip abroad goes as smoothly as possible. Here’s some guidance on extra steps you may need to take. Find out more

Prescriptions abroad

Learn more about how to manage and plan for your prescription medicine whilst you are away from home on your travels. Find out more

Protecting from the sun

Many of us travel so we can spend more time in the sun, and few things in life are better than relaxing on a sunny, sandy beach. But people often underestimate the power of the sun, and can end up with painful or potentially dangerous sunburn. Find out more

Rehydration tablets

Keeping yourself hydrated is essential, particularly when travelling to hotter or more tropical climates. It’s easy to forget to drink enough water, especially when out of your normal routine, or if you’ve fallen victim to a traveller’s bug whilst abroad. Spotting the early signs of dehydration, and replenishing the water and minerals your body has lost as soon possible will save you from symptoms such as dizziness and lethargy, or in more extreme cases, a trip to the hospital. Find out more

Shopping abroad

Collecting souvenirs and buying presents for friends and family is one of the great joys of travel. But purchases made abroad may not be the bargains you thought if they turn out to be fake, or they get hit by import tax. Here’s some advice to help you avoid scams and understand customs allowances. Find out more

Travelling with illness or disease

If you are travelling with longer-term health conditions you may need to do some extra planning to make sure your trip abroad goes smoothly. Here’s some guidance to extra steps you may need to take. Find out more

What to do if you fall ill

Falling ill is unpleasant enough at any time, but when it happens in an unfamiliar country, it adds extra level of stress to an already difficult situation. Here’s some advice to help you be prepared in the event that you fall sick overseas. Find out more

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