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Emergency contact numbers abroad

When something goes wrong while abroad, being in unfamiliar surroundings, operating under different rules and using a foreign language adds to the stress of the situation, and can leave you feeling helpless or frustrated. We can’t prevent the worst, but we can ensure we’re ready for it.  Being prepared will help you focus on solving the problem and keep you safer.

Emergency contacts

Make a note of emergency contact numbers on your phone and on paper before you leave home. Carry the paper in your purse or wallet while abroad.

  • Local embassy, consulate or high commission
  • Foreign and Commonwealth Office
  • Your bank’s 24-hour emergency number (found on the back of your cards)
  • Local emergency service numbers (search online or ask at your accommodation)
  • A friend or family member’s contact details

Storing this information online – for example, within your email account or in the cloud – will give you an extra way to access it as a fall-back.

Inform friends or relatives

Give a friend or relative an outline of your travel plans and leave a copy of this checklist information with them. On longer trips try to keep in touch on a regular basis, especially when moving to new places. This means that if something goes amiss, or you fail to arrive at your destination, they can alert the authorities and seek aid more quickly. Keeping friends and relatives informed will also help limit their stress in a worst-case scenario.

Useful information

Visit our other advice pages for more information on what you should do and who to contact if you’re a victim of crime or if you’re arrested.

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