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Taking your laptop away with you can be more than a convenience – it can bring an extra element of last-minute flexibility, and be a handy store for information and photos. Here’s our advice to help you look after your laptop abroad.

Protecting your laptop

Avoid being a target for thieves by carrying your laptop in a case that doesn’t look like it contains a laptop. Use a bag that has good padding, as luggage often gets stuffed and jostled in overhead compartments.

If you’re going to leave the laptop in your hotel, secure it. Use the safe in your room if there is one, or if not, ask if it can be locked in the hotel safe. Pack a secure laptop cable, so even if there is no safe, you can lock it to a large or immoveable object in your room.

Protecting your data

If your laptop is stolen, you won’t want to lose more than the hardware. Protect all of your data by backing it up on an external hard drive, and further protect your sensitive data by encrypting it.

Do a thorough backup before leaving home, and carry a flash drive for backing up new and changed files while travelling. Keep the flash drive in your pocket, not in the laptop bag – you don’t want your backup stolen with the laptop.

Using your laptop

You’ll want to recharge your laptop on the trip, so think about the electricity supply where you’re visiting. Voltages vary from country to country, which may affect your laptop’s functionality. Plug sockets also vary, so make sure you travel with the correct adaptor. It’s worth investing in a good quality universal adaptor, which covers most international plug types and saves having to remember to pack a different adaptor every time you travel.

Insuring your laptop

Replacing a laptop stolen or damaged abroad can be a pricey business, so make sure you’re covered before you go. American Express Gadget Insurance covers you for up to maximum of £1,500 per gadget. There are two policy types to choose from Multi and Single gadget cover.

Further information

For advice and tips on keeping your belongings safe while away from home, visit our safety and travel section.

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