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Pet arrangements

Pets are a big part of the family for many of us. Usually we’re able to make provisions for them at home for when we travel, but sometimes the close attachment to our four-legged companions means they also get to tag along for the ride.

Finding a pet sitter

If your friends or family are unable to take care of your pet while you’re away, you might want to find a suitable pet sitter. Take time to browse the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters and arrange to meet with potential candidates. Observe how the sitter interacts with your pet and judge how well they bond. Once you’ve picked a sitter, get proof that they’re insured.

Before travelling with your pet

If you plan on travelling within the EU or non-EU listed countries with your pet dog, cat or ferret, you must make sure that your pet has been microchipped. Once microchipped, your pet will need to be vaccinated against rabies at least 21 days before travel. Dogs also need to have received tapeworm treatment.

You will need to organise a pet passport or third country official veterinary certificate with your vet before your pet can leave or return to the UK.

If you plan on returning your pet to the UK from an unlisted country, you will also need to make sure that they have received a blood test 30 days after their rabies jab to prove the vaccination was a success.

Travelling with your pet

When travelling with a pet, you must use an authorised carrier on an approved route. Most transport companies have a limit on the number of pets you can bring. Check before you travel. For a list of carriers and routes, visit

If you are staying in a hotel, make sure that they are happy to accommodate your pet. Remember that some hotels will charge an extra fee for bringing a pet.

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