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Packing essentials

Packing always takes longer than expected. Picking between your favourite shoes, shorts and shirts can be tough, and sometimes it seems easier just to pack as much as your case can handle. But squeezing in that second spare pair of tennis shoes might tip you over the luggage limit and leaves little room for souvenirs.

So to help you travel light, we’ve put together some tips for precise packing.

Make a list

Like grocery shopping, it’s easy to grab whatever we see on the shelves, and flinging things in a suitcase can lead to some rather rash wardrobe decisions. Making a packing list and sticking to it can help cut back on extra baggage.

What do you really need?

To keep the contents of your case to a minimum, consider which items you could do without. That extra Hawaiian shirt might look really good on you, but is it really worth carrying around for the entire holiday?

Spread out everything you’re thinking of bringing on the floor, and only pack the items that you know you’ll use. Most luggage is clothing, so try and pick the most versatile items in your wardrobe.


One good way of saving space is to transfer toiletries like shampoo and conditioner into smaller, travel-friendly bottles. Avoid filling these bottles all the way to the top, and remember to keep them in plastic bags in case any in-flight pressure changes cause leakages.

Some essentials

Sore feet are a burden for any traveller but are generally avoidable. Make sure you pack some comfy walking shoes wherever you’re going. Remember to also bring a power adaptor and all the necessary chargers for your electronic devices. Finally, consider packing a money belt for extra security and peace of mind.

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