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Prescriptions abroad

How much medication to take

Take enough of your prescriptive medication to last your whole trip plus spares to cover emergencies, delays or an unexpectedly extended stay.

Consult your doctor

Obtain a letter from your doctor outlining your entitlement to your prescriptions and carry it with your medication at all times. If you’re visiting a hot or cold destination, ask for advice on how to protect your medicines from the climate.

Travelling with medication

Always carry your medication in your hand luggage or pockets. Never put it in your checked-in baggage in case it’s lost or delayed by the airline. Be prepared to be questioned at airport security about the medication you are carrying.

Always keep your medication in its proper packaging, so it can be matched to your prescription information and doctor’s letter. Keep a separate note of the generic and trademark names of your medications in case yours is lost or stolen and you need to buy more.

Medications illegal in certain countries

Your prescription medication might be illegal in some countries. Visit the travel section of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) website for information on legality at your destination, or contact the consulate there to find out before you travel.

Carrying controlled drugs

Controlled drugs, for example benzodiazepines and anabolic steroids, can only be moved in or out of the UK in limited quantities. If you need to take more than the authorised amount, you must apply for a licence from the Home Office.

Check the Government’s list of controlled drugs to see if your medication is included.

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