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American Express® Gadget Insurance - New


Gadgets have become essential in our everyday lifestyle. In a typical household each person may own multiple items, including smartphones, tablets, laptops and more. Costs to repair or replace in the event of unexpected accident or mechanical breakdown after your manufacturers warranty runs out can be expensive.


American Express Gadget Insurance provides protection for your gadgets whilst at home or abroad, with cover options from fixed cost multi item cover for you and your resident family members' gadgets; to single/ pay per item cover to build your own portfolio of protection.


American Express® Pet Insurance


American Express Pet Insurance offers a range of cover levels and pet insurance products to protect your dog, cat or rabbit. Your pets are part of your family and with vet bills escalating, insuring them from accident or illness means you can rest easier should the unexpected happen. As well as the policy features we also offer 24 hour assistance with our helpline Petcall. This is staffed by qualified veterinary nurses and available as standard to all our Pet Insurance policy holders.


American Express Pet Insurance also offers the benefit of waiver of premium cover on your pet insurance, to protect your policy payments should you fall ill or suffer an accident which prevents you from working.