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My Essentials

American Express My Essentials – Gadget, mobile phone and personal possession insurance

Protecting the little things that make your world go round

Imagine the situation – you drop your brand new mobile phone and smash the screen. Or you lose your briefcase complete with keys, wallet and iPod. Or the children spill hot chocolate all over your laptop. Your partner may even have their bag stolen along with their camera, sunglasses and the brand new watch you bought them for Christmas. 

Now imagine the relief - when you realise that as a My Essentials member, you’re covered. 

We understand how inconvenient situations like this can be, which is why we’ve introduced
American Express My Essentials to give you and your household family members peace of mind for £12.991 per month. This product means that your gadgets and personal possessions are covered for loss, theft and accidental damage, with no excess to pay on claims.


To find out more or to buy call:
0845 147 9886
Monday - Friday 9am-9pm
Saturday 10am-4pm



Existing customers call:
0800 022 4355
Monday - Friday 8.30am-8pm
Saturday 9am-5pm