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Insure my pet and possessions

My Essentials - Key benefits

Gadget, mobile phone and personal possession cover

Enjoy the finer things in life with less to worry about

From handbags to cameras, mobiles to watches, you can be covered for up to £1,500 per incident. You will need to register items valued between £250 and £1,500. Items under £250 are automatically covered and items with a purchase price of over £1,500 are not covered.

Gadget, mobile phone and personal possession

Key features:

  • No excess payable on claims1
  • Cover includes all household family members
  • Worldwide cover for 90 days a year
  • 24-hour support for claims and assistance
  • Unlimited amount of items are covered.2
Loss of key insurance

Key features:

  • Emergency call out of a locksmith if you are accidently locked out3
  • 24 hour recovery of your car if the locksmith cannot gain entry to your vehicle
  • Car hire up to 3 days or transport costs if your car has to be recovered
  • Replacement lock and key service for your home, home office, any vehicle, and safes.4
Assistance and support services

Key features:

  • We give you a 24 hour helpline
  • If you are stranded we include up to £200 to cover a hotel or taxi home
  • We will attempt to transfer you to your network provider if your mobile is lost or stolen and text your loved ones to notify them.


To find out more or to buy call:
0845 147 9886
Monday - Friday 9am-9pm
Saturday 10am-4pm



Existing customers call:
0800 022 4355
Monday - Friday 8.30am-8pm
Saturday 9am-5pm