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Rabbit Diet

Rabbit diet

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Rabbits are grazing animals that need to eat constantly to stay nourished. On this page we look at what should and shouldn’t be part of your bunny’s diet.

What can rabbits eat?

Hay should be a staple part in any rabbit’s diet and should be available to your rabbit at all times to ensure a healthy digestive system. Rabbit pellets are also a great supplement for your rabbit’s diet, but you shouldn’t rely on them as the main source of rabbit nutrition. Some fresh vegetables are also bunny favourites, but should only be fed to rabbits older than six months. Read below to see which vegetables to avoid.

What can’t rabbits eat?

One of the most surprisingly harmful foods for rabbits is lettuce. Lettuce contains a fluid called lactucarium that can give a rabbit fatal diarrhoea. Other foods to avoid feeding your rabbits include swedes, spinach, potato, rhubarb, parsnip, kale, cauliflower, cabbage, sweetcorn and beans.

The content of these pages is for general information only. It does not constitute advice and must not be acted or relied on as being so. Veterinary advice should always be sought before applying this or any other information to any facts and circumstances concerning each individual pet.

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