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Rabbit Fertility

Rabbit fertility

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Rabbits are renowned for their high fertility, and overpopulation is a real issue. On this page we describe the basics of a rabbits pregnancy and provide information about neutering to stop them breeding like, well, rabbits.

How long is a rabbit pregnant?

A pregnant doe will usually give birth after 30 to 34 days. If she has not given birth after 45 days since breeding, it is unlikely she became pregnant. 

How to tell if your rabbit is pregnant

Rabbit pregnancy is not immediately noticeable, and some rabbits give birth without the owner having ever known she was pregnant.


One of the best ways to tell if your rabbit is pregnant is by gently touching her lower abdomen. If you can feel small bumps it is likely your rabbit is pregnant. Pregnant rabbits are often not interested in male rabbits, and often begin to assemble a nest made of paper or hay as the birth date approaches.

Rabbit Neutering

Neutering your rabbit involves removing parts of the reproductive organs. Male rabbits can be castrated from three months of age, while female rabbits can be spayed from four months of age.


The content of these pages is for general information only. It does not constitute advice and must not be acted or relied on as being so. Veterinary advice should always be sought before applying this or any other information to any facts and circumstances concerning each individual pet.

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