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Travel Insurance RETRIEVE a Quote

Travel Insurance RETRIEVE a Quote

Pacemaker / Arrhythmia / Irregular heartbeat

Many people who are suffering from, or have previously suffered from, an Irregular Heartbeat have experienced difficulties in obtaining Travel Insurance. American Express recognises that many of our customers continue to enjoy travelling overseas and we are happy to consider cover for those with either a history of, or have ongoing heart problems.

Here are a few important points to consider.

  • Our Travel Insurance policy will not cover you for any claim relating to your heart condition(s) or any other pre-existing medical condition unless you have declared ALL pre-existing medical conditions to us and they have been accepted by us in writing.
  • It is important to remember that Travel Insurance is not private health insurance. It only covers the cost of unforeseen emergency treatment.
  • It is possible to opt to have your heart condition(s) (together with all other pre-existing conditions) excluded from your cover in order to receive a cheaper quote. However, this means that any costs arising which are related to your pre-existing conditions will not be covered by the policy. You should carefully consider the implications of travelling without adequate cover in place as medical expenses and any associated repatriation costs can have serious financial implications if no insurance is in place. 
  • European Health Insurance Card (EHIC): If you believe it is unlikely that your medical condition(s) will cause you to seek medical treatment whilst travelling within the European Union you may be tempted to have these excluded from the cover and simply rely on the EHIC.  We would not recommend this option. Whilst the EHIC will entitle you to free or reduced cost emergency treatment in a public/state run hospital in the EU, patients are often admitted to private hospitals where the EHIC is not accepted. If this should happen you could incur significant medical bills if you rely on your EHIC instead of Travel Insurance to cover medical expenses. In addition, the EHIC will not cover you if you need to be repatriated to the UK and air ambulance costs can be significant.
  • It can be easier to get Travel Insurance cover for some countries than it can be for others (e.g. parts of Europe compared with the USA, Canada and the Caribbean). This is due to the fact that medical costs in certain areas are significantly higher than in others.
  • You need to be fit to travel and must not be travelling against medical advice or with the intention of seeking medical consultation or treatment abroad.
  • American Express provides cover for many pre-existing medical conditions, subject to medical screening. Medical screening can be completed online as part of the quote process, or by calling us directly on 0800 028 7573 to speak to one of our experienced insurance agents. We will then determine if we can provide cover, which may be subject to the payment of an additional premium. If we are unable to provide cover for your medical conditions, we will still cover you in accordance with the terms and conditions of the policy for any unforeseen and unrelated illness or injury.
  • We assess each person based on their individual circumstances; whilst we may be able to offer cover to one person we may not be able to for another or the premium quoted may vary.
  • Please ensure that you understand exactly what you are and are not covered for. Please read your policy wording carefully and, if in any doubt, ask us for clarification.