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When travelling you could become subject to attacks, which can vary. These could be adverse weather, robbery, or even terrorist attacks in the area that you are visiting.

Below is some information we can give you, should your trip be disrupted due to attacks.

  • When on a trip your policy covers you for money when it is on your person or in a locked safety deposit box should this be lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed. Please refer to your policy terms and conditions booklet for full details of this benefit.
  • If your personal baggage is lost or stolen and not returned within 28 days of you arriving back in the United Kingdom, please refer to your policy terms and conditions and our dedicated claims page.
  • You will not be covered under your Travel Insurance policy if you travel to a country or specific area or event which the Foreign and Commonwealth Office has advised the public not to travel to.
  • Any claim arising from war; invasion; act of a foreign enemy; hostilities (whether war be declared or not); civil war; rebellion; terrorism; revolution; insurrection; civil commotion assuming the proportions of or amounting to an uprising; military or usurped power; you taking part in civil commotion or riot of any kind, will not be covered under your Travel Insurance policy, if they were already taking place at the beginning of your trip.