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Travel Insurance RETRIEVE a Quote

Scuba diving

The clear blue ocean filled with beautiful coral and brightly coloured fish, sting rays, sharks and turtles are among just a few of the delights of this planets vast water mass. Scuba diving gets you that much closer to these natural wonders and leaves you in awe of their beauty. What a thrilling experience.

American Express Travel Insurance will cover scuba diving under our group B categories of adventure sports. This means that you pay no additional premium to be covered whilst scuba diving so long as you are participating on a non-competitive and non-professional basis.

Your cover is as standard when diving to a depth of within 18 metres, however please note that there is no cover provided for Personal Accident or Personal Liability whilst you are taking part in, or practising Scuba Diving under your Travel Insurance policy.  All medical and repatriation cover still applies but the excess level is increased to £200 and shall not be removed or reduced by the use of the European Health insurance card (EHIC) or by the purchase of the excess waiver option.

For full details please refer to your Policy Terms and Conditions.